Bonus CEO Session: The "F" Word with Dr. Joi K. Madison

During this CEO Session, we’re tackling the big “F” word...FEAR. My good friend, Dr. Joi K. Madison joins our C.E.O. Session to talk about shifting your mindset and working through the fear factors that are trying to block you from your goals.


I want you to remember that all you have, right now, is all that you need. Keep tapping into your gifts to unlock the life that’s meant for you.

Take the next step and invest in yourself through her full course The "F" Word and take advantage of her complimentary live follow up. This is the exact course I took when I was preparing to stretch myself to the next level of success. Remember... Do What Successful People Do, and when you get the cheat code use it!

If you have questions for Dr. Joi, feel free to reach out to her directly by email:


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