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Importance of Consultations

Consultations are all about good record keeping. The more information you can get from your client the better! A thorough consultation will help you:

1. Prepare for the appointment- you can estimate the time it will take you to complete the service, provide details on how much hair is needed and offer additional services that will help them keep their hair healthy

2. Eliminate miscommunication and confusion- you can make sure you and your client are on the same page about the style reinforce your business policies and begin to develop a relationship with your client.

3. Educate your client for retention- during the consultation you should educate your client about how to maintain the style. This includes discussing when a touch up should be scheduled and when the style should be removed. This is important for the client to know before installation so they are prepared to make the additional investments needed to get the best results.

Check the "Materials" Section of this lesson to access consultation templates and additional resources.

Access your "Business Manual Builder" to complete your consultation form and client intake policy

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