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Creating Your Brand Assets

Your brand is the "soul" of who you are as your business. The assets you create will become a part of your Brand Identity. Your brand assets can include, but not be limited to:

  • A Logo
  • Brand Colors
  • Typography

Establishing a brand identity is important for your business for the following reasons:

  1. Personality- the personality of the brand is what evokes the emotions of the customer. What feelings do you want your clients to have when they experience your brand? 
  2. Differentiation- this is what makes you stand out in the marketplace. Remember, you are unique enough, so build your brand around YOU.
  3. Perceived quality- this communicates to your potential customer your business status. There's a difference between a Rolex and a Timex. Neiman Marcus and JC Penny.
  4. Consistency- this establishes trust, awareness and builds loyalty. Statistics from Forbes tell us that presenting a brand consistently can increase revenue by up to 23%. 
  5. Awareness- the more people see your branding, it encourages recall and increases the likelihood of you gaining a new customer 
  6. Loyalty- when you have a well planned branding identity, customers remember you. Customers spend more money with brands they are loyal to.
  7. Attracts top talent and quality customers- when you build a compelling brand attracting top talent comes easy. People who share the same values as you will want to work with you and this will make your brand even better. 

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