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Crochet Weave

A crochet weave can be created with a variety of textures. This technique of attaching loose hair to a cornrow using the proper crochet tool is a healthier option for clients when installed correctly. This full-head weave is ideal for clients wishing to protect their natural hair by giving it a rest from styling manipulation or if transitioning from a relaxer or heat-damage. Remember the following techniques when installing a crochet weave:

  1. Do not braid the foundation too tight. The cornrow should be secure to the scalp but loose enough for you to maneuver the crochet tool through the braid
  2. Do not loop the hair underneath the cornrow. There is still tension involved with creating this style, and if you loop the hair underneath the braid you risk causing traction or damage to the scalp by pulling the hair out of the follicle
  3. Avoid using too much product when creating the braid foundation. 


  • 8 oz. (227 g) packs of textured synthetic hair
  • Crochet tool
  • 5 butterfly clips
  • wide-toothed comb
  • rat tail comb
  • long (duckbill) clips
  • spray bottle 
  • shears
  • thinning shears
  • blowdryer with nozzle comb attachment
  • Moisturizing Spray 

Sample Procedure

  1. Detangle and blowdry client’s hair with nozzle comb to elongate hair.
  2. Prepare extension hair by cutting to the desired length.
  3. Following the contours of the hairline, leave out a ½-inch (0.3-cm) section of hair around perimeter from ear to ear. Use a clip to secure hair left out around the perimeter.
  4. Starting at the front hair line, part the hair to the crown of the head and begin cornrowing back. Create 6-8 cornrows in the front based on the density of your clients hair. Add a small amount of synthetic hair to natural hair to increase density for clients with finer density.
  1. Create a horizontal section at the nape of the neck and curve up behind the ear towards the crown of the head. Begin cornrowing the hair and include the ends of the cornrows from the front of the head as you begin to cornrow across the crown of the head. Continue this rhythm of braiding in a circular pattern until all hair is braided. 
  2. Secure the braided end by pulling it through the cornrows in a basket weave pattern using the crochet tool.
  3. If you've added extension hair, cut any excess hair.  

Crochet Method

  1. Insert the crochet tool into the middle of cornrow until the looped end is seen from the other side.
  2. Place small amount of hair inside the looped end of the tool.
  3. Pull tool through until a loop of the extension hair is visible.
  4. Remove tool, and leave loop of hair extension open. Pull two exposed ends of extension hair through loop. Loop must be near and secure on cornrow. Extension ends hang freely.
  5. Continue looping movement throughout the entire head.
  6. For a highlighted appearance, place lighter textured synthetic hair close to hairline, crown, and sides to frame the face.
  7. Open texture with fingers, and lift with small pick.
  8. Use thinning shears to remove bulk. Cut with scissors to create shape and contour.
  9. Style as desired.
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