Goddess Locs Master


Meet your guest trainer #DKMaster Felicia Orange. She is the Owner of Studio 4 Twelve Hair  in South Carolina.

Flat twists are a versatile style for natural hair. It's similar to a cornrow, but created with two strands that lie flat to the scalp. Flat twists can be worn as a style, combined with loose twists or used to set the hair into a wavy twist out. 

Remember when creating your flat twists:

  • Maintain even tension while twisting the hair flat against the scalp and twist all the way to the end of the strand to secure the twist so it doesn't unravel. 
  • If you are flat twisting the hair to create a twist-out, make sure the hair is completely dry before unraveling the twists
  • Flat twists will last about a week before they need to be redone.
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