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Practice Knowing Your Colors

Identifying and remembering the basic color system for hair is important. It will assist you in identifying hair color in inspirational photos so that you can purchase the right color of hair for your client.

There is a wide range of colors to select from and some hair companies have developed new color names. The numbering system here is the foundation of the color system and will be a good guide for you to understand and select hair colors for your clients.

In the following list, the numbers identify the color. Generally, the higher the number, the lighter the color:

1- Jet Black

1B- Off Black

2- Dark Brown

4- Medium Dark Brown

6- Medium Light Brown

8- Dark Blonde

27- Honey Blonde

30- Light Auburn

33- Dark Auburn

613- Platinum Blonde

The Hair Color Chart

In the chart below you will see there are variations and blends of these colors. If you study these basics you will be able to communicate color options with your clients more effectively, which eliminates confusion and helps you to create exactly what your client wants.

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