Installing the Base

goddess locs

The base of the Goddess locs is the foundation of the style. When installing the base remember these key points:

1. Use small strands of hair that match the density of the clients hair. You don't want to create a large braid/twist. The braid/twist should look like your client's hair was braided without adding hair. Using too much hair in the base will make the loc thicker and add weight. You can always build the thickness of the loc during the wrapping process.

2. To increase the length of the base without increasing the thickness of the base, don't add all 3 strands of hair into the braid when start; instead add 1 strand, braid down a few stitches, then add the second strand; repeat this process for adding the 3rd strand or more if needed.

3. In areas that may be thinning (especially near the hairline) use very small pieces of hair and don't make these locs too long.

*Remember--the longer the loc the heavier it is and you don't want to add weight to a section of hair that is already thinning and fragile.

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