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Invisible Braiding (Knotless Braids)

Traditional box braids are created by wrapping extension hair around the base of the natural hair and creating a knot attachment at the scalp. Invisible braids are created by incorporating the extension hair into the base of the natural hair invisibly (without a knot).

Invisible braids are a better option because there is less stress and tension on the hair and scalp. The braids can still be heavy if too much hair is used in the extension. The benefit of the knotless technique (when done properly) is it prevents traction alopecia, which is a common form of hair loss for women who have braids that are installed too tight with the large knots. This technique can take longer to install, but it's worth the health of the hair and scalp.

The style will last 4-6 weeks. Your client can wear them for 8-10 weeks if you do a touch up between 4-6 weeks (*A touch up includes removing and re-braiding the braids around the hair line)

To preserve the health of the hair make sure you thoroughly cleanse and deep condition the hair before installing the braids. When choosing to wear long term styles like knotless braids, it's best if the hair is in it's most optimum condition.

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