scientific approach

to hair care

Office Hours 4/12

During today's office hours I took some time to answer some administrative questions about the course. I walk through the curriculum and share more details on how the lessons are structured. So if you have questions about tech hiccups, accessing your reader or marking lessons complete watch this video from the beginning.

If you are ready to dive into discussion, start the video at 16:40

One of our team members asks the question that's on everyone's mind... "How does this information (about the cell and the skull) relate to trichology?" This sparks an important discussion, where Trichologist Precious and I give tips on how to study and connect the dots.

  • I just started crying. I needed that prayer. God speaks to me in the oddest of ways. I was petrified to start this class (just a lot going on), but I know that theses steps are ordained by God. I am grateful to be in his presence while learning. This really calmed some of my anxiety down and made today much better. It was funny that I even decided to listen to this during the morning hours. I did not know what was in store, but knew that I needed to do it before getting well into my day. Thank you Dr. Kari!!

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