scientific approach

to hair care

Orientation Call

Our orientation call started off with a few technical glitches but we finally got on track. As you work through this course I have a very high standard of excellence for all of you. Here are some keys to success that I want you to remember as you complete your coursework:

1. Honor your learning style. Although the course is set up for you to complete it within eight weeks everyone learns and retains information in different ways. There is no penalty if you don't complete the course in eight weeks. It's more important to me that you understand the information then completing the course quickly. My job is to help you learn the information you need to be a confident and effective Trichologist.

2. Commit to focusing. I encourage you to set aside 2 to 3 hours a day to study your coursework. If you can dedicate more time that's even better. In order to successfully complete this course you will need to focus and enhance your discipline.

3. Participate in live sessions whenever possible. Or pre-submit your questions if you are unable to attend the live sessions. The live sessions are designed to give you extra support and allow you to practice and apply the information you are learning in the course. Confidence with the information will increase the more you participate. So please take advantage of any opportunity to interact with your course leaders as much as possible.

  • Are you able to let us know approximate month/date the hands-on clinical will take place for those of us interested in flying out to LA? That way we can look for ticket prices in advance.

    • I don’t have a date at this time due to capacity restrictions related to Covid but I will definitely give enough advance notice to everyone regarding the clinic. In the meantime I will focus on the virtual clinic opportunities for everyone so that we do not delay certification

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