Goddess Locs Master


To ensure the best results for your client's hair to remain healthy while wearing Goddess Locs, you must make sure their natural hair is prepared properly. This includes proper cleansing, conditioning and protecting the hair.

If you're state requires licensing for you to shampoo hair, I recommend preparing your client's hair yourself in salon. If you are not able to provide this service, during consultation provide your client with the hair preparation details.

Before shampooing, make sure your client's hair is completely detangled. This prevents matting and tangling. Use my Dr. K Comb Out Creme to assist with this process.

**Remember to always ask your client about the condition of their scalp and hair before installation. If they have an existing flaky or dry scalp condition, hydrating the scalp is of most importance before installation. The client should also be advised to use a medicated shampoo to soothe the scalp before installation if you are unable to prepare your client's hair for them.

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