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Retention Strategies

What are your retention strategies? What are you doing to keep your client’s coming back? What’s your follow up game like? To build a sustainable business you need REPEAT CLIENTS. So whenever you are attracting clients you need to think about the long game.  Your relationship will not be a sprint, but a marathon. When you think about your client relationships in this way it will help you structure your business practices in the present that will keep them coming back. So how will you keep them coming back? In addition to adding value you want to create incentives for your client to book a future appointment with you.

Example incentives:

  • Birthday Coupons (much different from random discounts to attract new clients)
  • Referral Rewards (offer a percentage or flat rate discount on your clients service after they have referred a certain number of new clients to your business)
  • Appointment Rewards (Clients are rewarded for their consistency)

Additional Retention Strategies

  1. Educate your client on what they need to do to maintain their style or keep their hair healthy, then FOLLOW UP. Check in with your client by phone or email. See how they are enjoying the style, remind them of all the ways they need to keep their hair healthy. Following up with your clients shows them you genuinely care and want to build a long-term relationship with them.
  2. Rebook your clients for their next appointment right away. Emphasize the importance of consistent appointments for the health of your clients hair. When you are truly committed to your client's hair journey you won't have to convince them that they need your guidance and expertise to help them reach their hair goals. 

Access your copy of Dealing With Problem Clients in the "Materials" tab of this lesson.

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