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One of my core values is teamwork. The wonderful part of this DK Training experience is that upon successful completion of the course, you become a part of MY TEAM!

To maximize opportunities to generate more income for your business, I want you to find a stylist partner or a couple of stylists in your local area who share your core values and are willing to work towards the same goals. Linking up and working with like-minded stylists will decrease the amount of time it takes to achieve a style and maximize the amount of money that you generate.  The step-by step procedures in your business manual create a framework for you and your stylist partner(s) to work within so that you can schedule and manage more clients in a day. 

The Benefits of Tandem Braiding

Tandem braiding is when 2 stylists work on a client together. This method of styling allows you to work smarter, not harder and help you go further, faster. Two or more people working towards the same goal provides a consistent experience for the client and a much needed support system for you. 

  1. You will ADD VALUE to your client's experience by finishing faster without compromising the quality of the work; giving them back their time. 
  2. You will ADD VALUE to your experience by making more money in less time.
  3. You will improve your speed

Strategies for Team Building

  1. Post ads on social media; be authentic, honest and clearly state your goals.
  2. Ask friends and family for stylist referrals
  3. Search hashtags on social media for stylists advertising in your area and recruit; initiate contact with stylists and schedule a discovery call. 
  4. Visit local schools. Coordinate with administrators to give presentations to senior/graduating classes at the cosmetology schools. 
  5. Network among the stylist on the #DKTeam!

There are many benefits to having a team, but don't go out and find anyone out of need or desperation. Take your time to work on your business and create the systems that will help you manage your business efficiently. Make sure you can clearly articulate your goals and vision when recruiting stylists for your team. This is important to help you discern and decide who will be the best fit for your business.

Don't underestimate the power of constant promotion and being honest about your needs and your goals. 

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