Goddess Locs Master


Hi, I’m Dr. Kari and I'm so excited you have decided to train with me to become a DK Master!

Get ready to join me on a 12-week journey to learn how to create my Signature Goddess Locs and so much more! 

Please note: You are responsible for the following in order to receive your Certificate and attend the Hands-on Workshop:

  • Successfully complete each module & milestone 
  • Successfully complete a full head of DK Goddess Locs on a live model or mannequin head
  • Successfully complete all Assessments

DK Master Values

  • Follow the process- there is a method to the madness! Follow my method step by step, even if there is something you think you know
  • When creating the goddess locs remember that imperfection makes the loc perfect- in nature, locs are not perfect; they are unique to each person based on their hair type. RELEASE your ideas of PERFECTIONISM
  • Repetition makes the master- Stay committed to practicing the techniques EVERYDAY

Tips & tricks for this course

Before you dive into the course material here's a couple tips and tricks.

1. Set aside time on your calendar for at least 1 hour a day to go through the material or practice a technique. Give yourself the gift of focus, and actually go through the exercises and materials.

2. Go though the course material at a pace that works for you, I recommend completing 5 lessons per week. You paid money so that you would pay attention - I know you've got this!

3. ASK QUESTIONS! I'm here to guide and support you 100%, but I can't read your mind. So many people find it hard to ask for help, but in this space I want to normalize asking for help and celebrate it. So please, sign up for "Hot Seats" and participate in Office Hours. It's also OK if you're asking a question that's already been asked.

4. Show up to the Live Sessions, this is where you'll get the most value with personalized suggestions and support.


Can't wait to go on this journey with you!

Let's Get Started!

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