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Your Business Manual Builder

This document is essential to the completion of Milestone 1: Completing Your Business Manual

An effective policy and procedure manual is an essential management tool. It includes your business goals, policies and best practices. Your manual communicates appropriate action that should be taken while conducting business, interacting with clients and other team members, and the specific methods of how work is performed. It sets a standard for your business so that you are creating a consistent experience.

By documenting your processes and policies, you communicate what is important for your business' quality, growth, and customer satisfaction.

With a business manual in place, you and your team members will have somewhere to go when the unexpected happens and it will give you a reference for managing day-to-day business processes. 

Keys to successfully complete your manual:
  • Complete all sections and answer all questions. 
  • Do not edit the "Service Menu" section in your Builder. It will automatically format when you complete the "Pricing Strategy" section
  • Document all processes within your business
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