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Your Business And You

It is of most importance to know who you are and to determine your strengths so you can identify what you should be doing and begin creating your brand.

Spend some time thinking about your business dream. Answer these questions as you visualize your business.


  1. Where will your business be located? Will you work from home? From a small shop? An office? A vehicle?


  1. Will you work indoors? Outdoors? Will you be standing most of the time? Walking? Driving? Sitting at a desk? Talking on the phone?


  1. What will you do each day? Will you travel? Will you be working full time or part time? Days of evenings?


  1. How much of your time will be spent making products? How much time will be spent providing services? Will you sell products, services or both?


  1. How will you dress for work each day? What will your work environment look like? What sounds will you hear? What smells will you smell? How will you feel working in this environment?


  1. Will you be working with others? Working alone? Will you have employees? How many clients will you be in contact with each day? How many suppliers will you have? How often will you be in contact with suppliers? What about advisors?


  1. What will be difficult for you? What will you find easy to do? What will you enjoy most about owning your own business? What will you enjoy least?


  1. Other things you envision about your business:


Create a collage that represents your business vision. Use paper, markers, pens, stickers, pictures, etc. 

  1. Put yourself at the center of your collage; everything else about your business should revolve around you.
  2. Be creative and allow your collage to express your business dream. 

Remember: The success of your business starts with YOU! Invest the time to complete these exercises so that you can experience the success you desire.

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