Goddess Locs Master


As we start to build your brand, you also want to think about your business name.

What is the name of your business?


Is your business name a reflection of you and the services/products you offer? Does it reflect your values or your mission?

Products and Services

Whether a business sells products, services or both defining those products and services is important when you talk about your business idea. In this session you will answer the following questions about your products and services:

    -    what are the features of your products or services?

    -    what are the benefits of your products or services?

    -    what are you really selling to your customers?

    -    what kind of slogan might you use?

Write down all of the answers to these questions in a journal. The process of creation begins with a vision, but it will remain in the imagination if you don't add action. There is POWER in writing (God did say write the vision and make it plain...)

So start writing and share the name of your business, your slogan (if created) and your primary services and/or products in the comments below. I look forward to learning more about your businesses!

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